UFC4 dits Nokia universal jigs


B2. It supports JAF, UFS, MT BOX, CYCLONE, ATF, INFINITY, NSPRO Etc. A total 24 slave pcb. It will support all available Nokia models. 5 slave pcb using for alcatel,samsung,lg,and zte. High quality copper pins and slip clip for good conductivity Additional usb power supply for mobile phone.1 slave pcb for hwk repair. 3.3k, 1.5k,7.5k,10k,15k Bsi resisters (You can make resistance value as you like with parallel switching) Vpp and rx2 connections for mobile phone.

Packing Contains:BB5-A .BB5-B .BB5-C .BB5-D .BB5-E .DCT4-F .DCT4-G .DCT4-H .DCT4-I .BB5-J .BB5-K .BB5-L .SAM-C140 .SAM-C160 .ALC-C701 .ZTE-A35 .LG GW300 .BB5-M .BB5-N .BB5-O .BB5-P .BB5-Q .BB5-R .BB5-S .BB5-T .BB5-W .BB5-HWK .ufc4 se rboot 3 in 1 jig .GND CABLE .ALL IN 1 MAIN CABLE .UNIVERSAL MAIN CABLE .UFS MAIN CABLE .USB POWER CABLE. .SE 3 IN 1 CABLE

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