Screen Repair Machine LCD Separator Heating Plate


A2. Feature:
Powe supply ( Option ) : 110V~120V (50Hz-60HZ) or 220V~240V (50Hz-60HZ)
Power Consumption: 400W
Temperature Range: 50 °C- 300 °C (Please use no more than 100°C to avoid thermal damage to the device.)
Temperature Display: 3 digits( 1 °C)
Heating Element: Resistance Heater
Compatibility: Iphone, Samsung, HTC, and almost all new touch sceen devices.
Heating plate size: 20cm x 12cm
Item dimensions: 22x22x15cm
Packing including:
1 x Insat LCD Screen Separator
1 x Handhold Bar with Separator Line

Lisää koriin:

  • Paino: 5kg
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