Funktiogeneraattori 5Hz-1Mhz


A2. Feature :
With a triangle wave , sine wave, square wave output , adjustable output voltage , the duty cycle sine wave distortion. Connect 3 watt dual 10-16V AC transformer or dual 15-22v DC power supply can work.
1 . Triangle wave sine wave output voltage 0-6V adjustable ( peak to peak ) , square wave 0-12V ( peak to peak ) adjustable output impedance 600 ohms.
2 . Stable at 1HZ below 100KHZ less square wave , sine 500KHZ following basic distortion .
3.6 Frequency range gear selection, adjustable range.
0. 5HZ ---- 20HZ
16HZ ---- 250HZ
250 ---- 20KHZ
25HZ ------ 100KHZ
100KHz --- 1MHZ
About five on board potentiometer function:
1 . Two SN ADJ potentiometer on the board is used to adjust the sine wave distortion , two potentiometers normal position near the midpoint because of the potential regulation of these two potentiometers to adjust the sine wave distortion.
2 . DC ADJ to adjust the duty cycle , adjusting the potentiometer to adjust the duty cycle of the square wave , but also affect the output waveform of the sine and triangle waves.
3 . OUT ADJ signal generator output voltage adjustment.
4 . FR ADJ to adjust the output frequency

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