24V 50W 5-Hole Handle Soldering


A1. Black 19cm Soldering Iron Handle Solder Staions for 907 936 24V 50W 5-Hole


5-hole electric iron handle, heat quickly, high temperature, durable, anti-knock.
The operator can be avoided when using the soldering station because tap handle and shattered the phenomenon,

Model: 907
Watt: 50W
Temperature: 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃
Voltage: DC 24V
Lenght: 19cm
Cord Lenght: 90cm
Color: Black

Package includes:

1 x Solder iron

Lisää koriin:

  • Malli: 907
  • Paino: 0.3kg
  • 1 Kpl varastossa

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