ZyXEL PLA-401 v3

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ZyXEL PLA-401 v3 Twin Pack includes two ZyXEL PLA-401 v3 Powerline Ethernet adapters.

The ZyXEL PLA-401 v3, a fresh Powerline adapter consumes 16% less power when comparing to the existing Powerline Ethernet adapters. Moreover, when there is no Ethernet link, the PLA-401 v3 will enter the "Standby" mode that reduces energy wasting for over 50% when comparing to the adapters without this feature.

Designed for high performance, your Powerline network can reach the data transfer rates up to 200Mbps. With advanced HomePlug AV technology, the PLA-401 v3 provides users the stable and high-speed Internet access. You just plug a pair of Powerline Ethernet adapters into your house power outlets, and easily enjoy high-definition video streaming and network transmission.

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