G4 Base Holder Wire Adapter Halogen Socket Connector f. Bulb Lam


A1. Specifications:
12V G4 lamp holder for G4 type halogen lamp, LED lights, ceiling lamp and more. This G4 lamp holder is equipped with cable wires for easy connection.

G4 lamp holder with cable leads
Suitable for G4 type ceiling light, halogen lamp, LED bulbs, low voltage lamp and more
Size: Approx. 0.3 inch diameter, 0.6 inch high
Cable Length: Approx. 20cm
Voltage: 12V
Power: 10-50W
Material: Plastic
Color: Black White

Lisää koriin:

  • Paino: 0.02kg
  • 10 Kpl varastossa

Tämä tuote on tullut valikoimiimme perjantai 10 keskuu, 2016.

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