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WAP-enhanced models (3330 and 3350)
Nokia 3330

The Nokia 3330 was basically a 3310 with a SMS-based WAP capability, animated screensavers, a pinball game named 'Bumper', and phonebook in the phone memory (100 entries) as opposed to being stored on SIM-card in earlier models. It also has the capability of downloading game packs via WAP (Snake II mazes, Bumper tables, Space Impact chapters). Without true GPRS connectivity the WAP feature proved unpopular and the version was unable to replace the 3310 in the European market.

An Asia Pacific-only version, known as the Nokia 3350, was in essence an improved 3330 with WAP, rhythmic backlight alert, animated screensavers, two-way Navi-Key, dedicated call and hang buttons, Chinese lunar calendar and a 96x65-pixel screen. Some 3350s have back covers that feature a photo-insert window, allowing users to put personal pictures from photographs, magazine cut-outs, etc.
[edit] AMPS/D-AMPS-based versions (3320 and 3360)

The Nokia 3360 and 3320 are related models designed for the U.S. and Canadian markets respectively. They are externally similar to the 3310 and 3390, but use Digital AMPS ("TDMA")/AMPS technology rather than GSM.

Like the Asian 3350, they include two dedicated call and hang buttons and two soft keys. They also feature an infrared port. Unlike the 3390, the 3360 and 3320 do not support voice dialing. At 136 gram each, they are also slightly heavier than the 3390, which weighs 119 gram.

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